Home & Garden Voucher Codes March 2018

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    Find money saving deals on furniture, lighting, DIY and design from the biggest retailers like John Lewis, Homebase, B&Q, M&S and more. Use voucher codes, deals & sales discounts to refresh your interiors and upgrade your outdoor space. Home is where the heart is, but your wallet is where your money is, look after both.
    If you're about to embark on a DIY, gardening or building project you'll probably be all too aware that home improvements can be a huge strain on your budget. This scenario may seem familiar: you’re trundling through the giant DIY store looking for the materials you need for your home. It’s obscenely expensive on its own but now you need to buy the tools needed to install your renovations too. It is all just very expensive. But with careful planning, our voucher codes and a bit of frugal ingenuity, you'll be able to landscape your garden, tile your bathroom, furnish your lounge, or whatever it is you need to do, for much less than you might think. In addition, by shopping online, you will never have to go to that dastardly DIY store only to carry everything home, it will all be delivered right to your door.

    A good strategy always begins with good planning, as it will save you time and money when shopping for DIY gear. Start by writing a list of the materials, tools and other items you'll need to complete the task. The next step would be to go down the list and see which items, if any, can be begged or borrowed - try Freecycle, as you may be able to find people giving away just the type of stuff you want, and ask your friends if they have any specific tools to lend you - especially if you think you'll only need them for one job. If you cannot scrounge what you need, look for discount vouchers, offers and deals in the sales. The good news is you're in exactly the right place for that. From the team here at MyVoucherCodes we wish you happiness, good saving and fun for your project to make your home worth living in.

    Gardens are a strange part of your home in many ways. A large swathe of your life will be spent cleaning the dirt out of your house, while your garden is your little natural oasis. Sometimes it can be tricky to maintain that garden in keeping with the tidiness of your house. It is however, possible to spruce up a garden on a budget. One such way is to border your garden with cinder blocks. They’re very common and cheap to buy from a DIY store but what makes them great in a garden are the dual holes that work perfectly as improvised plant pots. Imagine a garden surrounded by flowers inside a clean row of concrete blocks, how pretty. There are so many more ways to use items you wouldn’t think to use, to bring more life to your garden. If you even need paint, whether to paint anything like fences or walls, keep the cans. You can decorate this metal cans with their own paint and suddenly they become the prettiest plant pots ever. You can get creative with how you hang them using their handles. Either way it is a great inexpensive way to bring even more flowers to your garden.