Homemade Savings

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    From crafty greetings cards and great gifts to cheery but cheap home brew, tasty jams & chutneys and freshly baked bread, it's fun to do it yourself. Plus, you'll save yourself a whole heap of money too. Doubly so, when you take advantage of our fantastic hobby craft and home made promo codes, discounts and sales.
    Home is where the heart is, and naturally, this applies to homemade goods as well! While it’s easy to just buy what you need, sometimes it’s simpler and cheaper to just do it yourself! And whether it’s doing some homemade cooking or a quick card to your friends, you’ll find that there are plenty of things worth saving on. Some of which you may not have known before.

    How to make a homemade greeting card

    Say you’ve got a party coming up, and whether you wanted to make it special or you forgot to buy a an extra card, you’ll want to know how to make a homemade card. The best part about making cards yourself is that not only will you be saving time on trudging back to the store to getting that other card, but also learning a skill that can save you time and money later on. Not only that but unlike the cards at the store you can create cards for any occasion in the future! So let’s see how you can make your own.

    Getting What you Need

    First things first, you’ll have to get the materials you need. All of which can be found at a hobby store. Here’s what you will need:
    • Some A4 Cardstock (colour of your choice)
    • A ruler
    • Scissors
    • Some A4 Patterned Paper
    • Liquid Glue
    • Paint Markers
    • Little Sequins
    Once you’ve gathered the essentials, le’ts then proceed to step one.

    Step 1

    First you’ll want to fold your card stock horizontally, so that the opposite corners of the paper align with one another. Use the ruler to help you align the points, then once that’s done press the card down so it folds properly. Then once you feel like it’s properly folded then fold it outwards, using the ruler once again, then press on it. This helps the card fold out and stand on its own like the store-bought ones.

    Step 2

    Once you’ve got your card folded, bring out the patterned paper and fold it horizontally like before. Rather than folding it outwards however you’ll now be cutting the paper at the folded horizontal line. Once that’s done use the liquid glue to stick on the front and back of the card, alternatively you may want to only stick it on the front. Be careful when gluing it as it could stick to itself and cause some irritation.

    Step 3

    Once you have your paper stuck onto the card, now you’ll just have the decorations to deal with. These can be done how you like, as long as it isn’t too cluttered. I recommend sticking on some little sequins in the bottom left corner, they make it stand out quite a bit. All you have to do now is just write your message and send it off!Feel free to get creative and create your own unique designs!

    Homemade Decorations

    There’s always a panic during the holidays, especially at Christmas with the infamous Christmas shopping spree. Naturally, no one wants to go through all that madness to get a few baubles, so why not make your own? Outfit your tree with some little cloth cones that can hold tiny treats for the kids to bite into on Christmas day. Doesn’t have to be tree decorations either, get creative and try out some ideas.