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The Jorvik Viking Centre Vouchers 2016

The Jorvik Viking Centre is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the United Kingdom and is located in the city of York. The Jorvik Viking Centre has been visited by over 18 million individuals in the past 30 years. You wander through the restoration of Viking-age streets as the streets appeared over 1000 years ago. Visitors have the opportunity to meet a real Viking, there are 4 other historical attractions. To find out what's on when you are thinking of making a visit do consult there events calendar, they also have an online shop where you can buy commemorative items to mark your visit, including history books, ceramics, reconstruction armour, jewellery and clothing and replica artefacts. Prepare to immersed in the Viking age as you travel through their reconstructed Viking village on the ride, you'll meet villagers as they converse in Norse, cook food on the fire, it's like your really back in the Viking age! So, if you want to save a little on your trip to the Jorvik centre, then take a look at our offers, you may be surprised just how much you can save.

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You wander through the restoration of Viking-age streets as the streets appeared over 1000 years ago. There are also four exhibitions and the opportunity to come head-on with a “Viking.” At The Jorvik Viking Centre you will meet the old-Norse speaking citizens, see inside their backyards and houses, and delight in the smell of home-cooked stew. The Jorvik Centre was actually built on the site of one of the most stunning archaeological finds in recent history. Between 1976-81 archaeologists from the York Archaeological Trust discovered the remains of houses, workshops and more of the 1,000 year old Viking city of Jorvik. These finds enabled them to bring an authentic experience to visitors, who will see recreations of the original Jorvik.

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  1. 01904 615 505
  1. jorvik@yorkat.co.uk

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  • Expired: 23/07/2016

JORVIK And DIG Adult Tickets For £14.45

  • Expired: 23/07/2016

Jorvik And Dig Entrance Tickets For Family From £44

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JORVIK Entrance Concessions Tickets For £8.25

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Up To 41% Off Standard Admission Charges To All Five Jorvik Group Attractions

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Admission Tickets For Adults From £10

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Up To 15% Off Joint Ticket

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Free Entry For 12 Months With Your Admission Ticket

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Admission Tickets For Children From £7

  • Expired: 25/05/2016

Up To 15% Off Joint Ticket

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