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What Kind of Saver are You?


There are loads of ways you can save as you shop and squeeze a bit more out of your money. After spending years looking for the best ways to boost savings, we reckon it’s easy to spot a keen saver from across the aisle. That’s because every kind of deal hunter has their own tell-tale signs. Whether it’s the notebook filled with prices, half manic look in the eyes from searching, or checkout grin. But the question is, what kind of saver are you?

Date Check Diva

A Date Check Saver in their element.

We’ve all seen these savers hovering around the bread or milk like there’s an impending snowstorm and only the most perishable foods will do. They save themselves time and money by seeking out the longest sell by dates on the shelf. And if that means touching every single item during a global pandemic… that’s a price worth paying for a few extra days.

They have the patience and determination to get the most for their money, and unshakeable blind faith that somewhere in the trolley full of semi-skimmed there’s a bottle that will live forever. Being a date checker is a calling and that attention to detail can’t be switched off, even in the face of shop worker mutterings and savage passive aggressive tutting.

 Slow Searching Saver

A slow search saver taking their time over a pair of shoes.

These sloth-like shoppers know that it takes time to get the best deal, and when it comes to saving money, they’re willing to put the hours in. Whether it’s online or in-store, there’s no such thing as a quick shop.

They are all about the long-game and it pays off when they find a treasure trove of cut-price clothes. By taking their sweet time, they make sure they get the best price and it takes discipline to hold out in the face of a gorgeous pair of shoes. These are the sort of people that can open a packet of biscuits and eat just one.    

We can vouch for the fact that it takes a strong person to take on this kind of saving. Not everyone has the iron will to stare down temptation and hold on for future savings glory. That’s not much comfort to their long-suffering partners though. They still have to trudge in tow hoping there’ll be a spot of lunch soon. You can spot them by the vacant look of acceptance in their eyes and frequent time checks.

Last Minute Lurker

Last Minute saver hitting the last days of a sale.

With the patience of monks on enlightenment level 1000, they lurk in the background. Watching, waiting, and just when you think it’s all over, they strike with debit card numbers primed and ready. Last minute shoppers take discipline to new heights and while everyone else is running around on day one of the sales, they’ve got their feet up with a nice glass of red.

Whether it’s travel or home appliances, the Lurker’s get incredible deals because they don’t rush in. They might want something, but they’re willing to play a game of chicken with retailers. Holding off until prices are at their lowest. This is high risk high reward shopping and when it gets results, the Lurker’s save big.

Fully committed to the last-minute life, they’ll use their discount hunting prowess throughout the year to book and pay for their annual holiday a week before they fly. That’s the easiest way to save on travel, but you need to save throughout the year.

Prime Planning Saver

A person sitting at a table in a kitchen

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There’s two things Prime Planners know, sale dates and the prices to beat. They put the hours in before sales drop like a true saver should, and they’ll never get duped by below par discounts. Planners treat shopping like big business, and they’ll have spreadsheets and budgets that keep their savings soaring.

These are the people that go on holiday with a packed itinerary and squirm when you start to stray from their pre-planned times. No matter how rigid it feels at times it always pays off in the end because they’re never left rushing around and overpaying.

They are the grinders of the deal community. The ones that will do the dirty work that often gets ignored, but Susan will always have a smug little smile on her face when she tells you how much she paid for her new 4 slice toaster.

Discount Code Queens

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When you learn that there’s discount codes for absolutely everything out in the internet ether, you’ll never pay full price again. The discount code queens already know this, and they dig up money saving digits before they order anything. These savers fill their basket to the brim before searching for a discount code. And if they don’t find one, you’re not getting a birthday present this year.

These shopping rebels never settle for full price and they’re always on the lookout to squeeze that bit extra out of life. Whether that’s bagging a free dessert, cooking up a saving on a new oven, or booking free places on the plane, they know the offers are out there.

Be warned though, the idea of paying in full will quickly become offensive and you may find yourself trying to barter at the checkout when you do your weekly shop. You won’t squeeze savings out like that, but if you take the good fight online there’s no reason you can’t knock at least 10% off anything.

Ashley Bird

Ever since the birth of his first child, Ashley has been trying to squeeze a little more out of every penny. Three years and another child later, he's a dab hand at finding a deal and getting things done for less. Whether you need help planning a budget friendly family day out, or saving on all things home, he can help you out.