How to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

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Soon spring will be sprung. And with it will come bipolar, though much nicer weather, fresh buds on the trees, spring blooms, lively bird song and, err, cleaning. Yes, spring cleaning time is almost here, grr! We all know what that means – getting down and dirty to remove the last year’s filth and grime ready to start afresh.  Does clearing clutter and busting dust sound fun to you? Of course not. But spring cleaning needn’t be a chore. Here’s how to make spring cleaning fun with these totally cool spring cleaning essentials…

Cool Storage Solutions…

Your first task is to clear out your cupboards. Go through your ‘just stick it in the cupboard/drawer’ collection amassed over the past year– chuck away anything you don’t need (recycle where possible).

Fun Storage SolutionsMedium LEGO Storage Bricks – £15.99 from Firebox| Coffin Box – £7.99 from Amazon| Batcave Toybox £39.99 from Tesco Direct | Spiderman 6 Bin Storage – £44 from Tesco Grocery | Blue Classic Lego Storage Box Bench from IWOOT.

Once that troublesome task is complete, you’ll need something to store your, now organised, miscellanea. Here’s what to do – organise your clutter using fun storage solutions. Whether it’s for the kids or for yourself – you don’t have to be a child to behold the total greatness of Batman Merchandise. Or lego! Besides, what fun will boring old boxes bring you? Especially, if you could have a quirky talking point waiting in your cupboard to surprise guest with your zaniness. But If you do want something a little less striking, check out the wide range of more conventional storage, with plenty of discounts, at Tesco Direct. Beforethat, don’t forget to see how much you can save on MyVoucherCodes with Tesco Direct Discount Codes

Get Cool Gear…

Great. Now your next job is to tackle the dust and dirt. This is the side to spring cleaning most people hate. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. And, if like most people, you don’t have the luxury of hired help, you’ll have to do it yourself. So, if you’re going to do it you may as well have some fun with it. Get your mates involved – bribe them with beer. Get the kids on it too – kit them out with some kids cleaning equipment, give them a little patch to sort out and you’re away.


Children’s Play Cleaning Set – £3.98 Plus Free Delivery from | Amazon Henry Mop Set – £5 Plus Free Delivery from Amazon| Henry Cleaning Trolley- £14.97 Plus Free Delivery from Amazon| Funky Computer Cleaning Brushes – £8.98 from Amazon.

Pumpin’ Tunes…

You’ve got the gear now get into gear with some pumping tunes. The louder the better. Here’s a selection of the loudest, dirtiest tunes to help you get it done.


Selection of Albums from Amazon and Tesco DirectSound Of Dubstep 4 – £7.50 from Tesco Entertainment | Made in Britain- £9 from Tesco Entertainment| Housework Songs – £ 12.99 Plus Free Delivery from Amazon| Ill Manors by Plan B – from £4.37 at Amazon.

So there you have it Voucher Vultures, spring clean can be fun. Get your mates round, put some tunes on , have a party, have a laugh and before you know it you’ll (probably) have a lovely clean home.



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