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The Truth about the Ideal Body

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We’re constantly bombarded with images of what the media portrays as the ideal body; the size 6’s peering arrogantly down from fashion ads as we make our way to work, the airbrushed ‘perfect’ 10’s staring surreptitiously on the covers of  magazines and  the too good to be true size 8 presenters on the TV. With all of this pressure, it’s hardly surprising many women have issues with their bodies; but this ideal body is almost unachievable for most women. For many, The New Year brings with it the desire to get in shape, so we tend to notice a massive spike in dieting and people joining the gym, but what is it most people are trying to achieve and does it match up with the media’s ideals? So we set out to discover what type of figure people actually find desirable and it’s a shocker, it’s not the skinny sizes as portrayed by the media.

Our research shows that the ideal figure most Brits isn’t the tiny sizes  we’re  led to believe but is in fact a more rational and achievable size. Whilst the average body size for women in the UK is size 14, the media and retailers still consider it to be a plus size, but according to our stats it’s the most desirable body size.

We asked 500 men and 500 women in the UK to choose from a range of photos, picturing women sized 8-16, their ideal size. Both men and women preferred the curvier images, choosing size 14 over the smaller sizes. The majority of women and men, at 36% and 42% respectively, both chose size 14.

Almost a quarter of men, at 23%, thought a size 10 was the best size for a woman but only 16% of women agreed. Just over a quarter of women, at 27%, said that size 8 was perfect, an opinion shared with 22% of the men surveyed. The surprising results were the fact that 9% of women and 5% of men considered a size 12 to be the ideal size, and the 11% of women and 7% of men who preferred size 16.

When shown the results, Mark Pearson, founder of  MyVoucherCodes said, “men and women are constantly inundated with images of what the media  considers to be the ideal female body size, but our survey shows that most men and women actually prefer larger sizes. It’s good to see many people have much more realistic views about body image, especially at a time when many women are feeling particularly self-conscious.”

So there you have it, size 14 is the most desirable body size – so don’t sweat it, just focus on getting fit and improving your health. If you’re looking for bit of boost check out our sports and fitness deals now.

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