Are Millennials Suffering From ‘Imposter Syndrome’?

Millennials feeling distraught

Do you feel like you’re not as confident as your colleagues? That you’re inexperienced compared to your peers? Do you feel like a fraud? Well you’ve got plenty of others who feel the same way. A recent report has revealed that a third of millennials are currently suffering from ‘Imposter Syndrome’, signalling a severe lack of Confidence in young adults going into work. It’s been a major shock considering Millennials have been touted as one of the most self-assured generations of people. So what exactly is dampening their spirits?

What factors are at work here?

Researchers have concluded that over 12 million people aged 18 – 34 were suffering from a severe lack of confidence. When collecting evidence for the cause of such worries, 4 million young adults claim their biggest fear was ‘being exposed as a fake’. One example highlighted in the survey was 52% claiming that “being put on the spot” was a prime contributor to this fear. This data is contributed with 2 in 5 millennials reported to have a fear of presenting. Other data suggests that 40% of female millennial workers feel intimidated by senior, with only 22% of males feeling the same. Just under 2 thirds of graduates also felt that their lack of confidence had a profoundly negative effect on their career. In addition these feelings also fuelled concerns those younger members weren’t receiving enough support from their senior members.

Millennials concerned about lack of experience

The lack of real workplace experience has proven to be the largest contributor to most of these workplace fears. Which is interesting when you consider there has since been an increase in work experience programs from 2012 onwards. As graduates were finding that those that had work experience got offered jobs typically offered to graduates. Mainly due to having no prior experience in the workplace beforehand. Even then this lack of confidence is unprecedented when compared to previous generations.

How did these anxieties come about?

Considering that currently, young people in UK have some of the poorest mental wellness in the world. While it is not entirely surprising to see where these fears may have manifested from, it doesn’t make it any better though. The fear of not having enough money to have a comfortable life is a common among Millennials now. Which combined with a lack of workplace experience doesn’t exactly do wonders for your confidence to be honest.

Millennials stressed out

And unfortunately it’s not just financial anxieties fuelling this. While 67% of millennials state they like living in their country, some think that the world is getting worse. They cite that terrorism and conflict was among their biggest concerns along with getting a job.

So what can be done to help mitigate this fear?

Millennials encouraging each other

Well for starters, the media really should stop labelling Millennials as the most self-confident generation. It’s clear that we still need some help in making our way into the world, especially when it’s been reported that three pupils in every classroom are likely to develop a mental issue later on in life. There needs to be more counselling support for students to help guide them on their inevitable leap to working life. This also applies to the workplace, as new hires should receive any help they need to adapt to their job. Finally however, you need to just have faith in yourself. It won’t be an easy ride by any means, and there will be times where you’ll just want to give up. But if you stick at and just do the best you can do, no one will fault you for that.

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