The Cost to Make Your Car Fast and Furious

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Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to turn your car into one that doesn’t look out of place in the Fast and Furious franchise?

$70,845 (£46,969)

To create this infographic we consulted with John from Epic Tuning, who gave us a list of items that would be included in a typical Fast and Furious like tuner car. This infographic isn’t meant to be an exact science because some of the items may not fit all cars. Furthermore, for each part, there is typically a large price range. So, the price of each part (and the list itself) was made to give people a general idea of what’s included in a Fast and Furious tuner car and not something to be followed exactly.

According to John “A tuner car can be any car to which you make performance or aesthetic improvements so that it becomes your own statement, but it usually refers to relatively inexpensive import or domestic cars that are already fun, good handling, and quick, but have potential to be REALLY fun and fast with some good performance tweaking.  With the right knowledge (and enough money) a tuner car can be built to keep up with, or be even faster than some super expensive exotics for a tenth of their prices.”



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