The Ultimate Guide to #InstaFashion

Fashion and Instagram go hand in hand, whether it's a brand working with an influencer or one of the 200 million people who love to showcase their #OOTD. Fashion is everywhere on the 'gram and there's a lot we can learn from it...

We've created the ultimate Instagram fashion guide to ensure you're in the know about the most popular hashtags, trends and styles - which means more likes and more fashion inspo!

We’ve analysed over 1,000 hashtags from #socksandsandals to #rippedjeans and everything in between, to find out the most popular Instagram fashion tags.

Sources & Methodology:

We researched the numbers behind more than 1,000 fashion-related hashtags in Instagram; with all data accurate as of 17th August 2018.

In the first instance, a list of clothing items, styles and trends was compiled using the ranges being sold at the UK’s leading online and offline fashion retailers. This provided a list upon which to build out related hashtags being used on Instagram and their associated volumes.

In the case of two hashtags with the same intent being used (e.g. #bikinis and #bikini), the totals were combined; with one typically accounting for the majority of the usage.

A full list of hashtag data (all 1000+ hashtags) and sources can be seen here.

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