Dating Apps Vs The Traditional Approach – What Would You Choose ?

dating apps

The dating game has changed over the last few years and it is hard to deny that the emphasis is more on the tech side than the personal side now more than ever. The reliance people now have on the internet and social media allows people to date in a convenient and easy way, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to spare. Do you think that dating apps are replacing the traditional approach?


Traditional Dating

Now obviously, the idea of traditional dating can be quite vague. Before the internet, you might have met someone at school or university. You might have even met someone on a night out or when you are out and about. I always love hearing stories of older generations who romantically met whilst grabbing a coffee or bumped into each other on the street like in the movies.

Once you had met someone it would then be going on dates and dating. Couples would court and men would ‘woo their woman.’ This could mean going for dinner, drinks or a fun day out. Things were taken slow!

Meeting someone the traditional way might give you a better story to tell people but does it matter if you met someone in person or not?


The Modern Way

Dating websites have been a thing for a while but the surge of social media and dating apps has happened in the last few years. Using sites like Plenty Of Fish (POF) requires creating a profile to try and sell yourself whereas apps like Tinder takes information from your Facebook profile so you can match interests.

When it gets to eventually going on a date with someone you meet online, you will most likely know more about them. It is likely there will be more conversation before you meet face to face. It could be a few weeks or even a month of texting back and forth before you pluck up the courage to go for a cheeky glass of wine or two. This try before you buy approach surely minimises many awkward dates.

dating apps

Pros And Cons

Now, there is obviously a mixture of upsides and downsides for any kind of dating. If you know the links to the person’s social media, you can give them a very thorough stalking to make sure there is nothing scary that could be a deal breaker.

Another pro for dating sites is how to fit dating into a busy schedule. Not everyone has time to go out and try and find people. Using a dating app means you can slot in finding love into work life and everything in between.

If you do have a busy schedule then it might mean there is literally nowhere you would meet people. Unless you want to date a friend or a colleague, you might not be going anywhere where you feel like you might meet someone.


Breaking The Stigma

Just because dating apps and websites may seem to have taken over, it doesn’t mean that is the only way. It doesn’t matter where you might meet someone but alternative methods might make it easier for some people.

You might sit and think that dating websites are only for meeting people for casual sex. This is NOT the case. There will be people who will be a little seedy, send lots of dick pics and expect a sh*g but It won’t be everyone. There are people out there that want to meet someone to start a relationship.


What Do You Think?

Dating apps are now a firm part of the dating world with no sign of slowing down. It might have been a few sites and apps but there are new ones popping up all of the time. It doesn’t mean that people won’t meet in other means. There will still be the stories of meeting in bars and work as well as through an app. Would you want to meet someone on a dating app? Let us know in the comments.

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