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10 of the best fashion apps available

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The world of fashion has been transformed by technology, with more people switching to apps to search for fashion inspiration or even to buy their clothes. The ability to instantly search and find style pointers is something that all fashionistas have been waiting for. In the past, our inspiration came from our celebrity idols, glossy magazines or what we see on the TV, however, now we can share looks and wishlist products with just a touch of the bottom – making everyone a potential style icon. With the rise of bloggers over the last few years, fashion has become accessible and we have found the top 10 apps that you need to have on your phone in order to stay ahead of the curve. From apps designed to help you search for bargains to the best high street apps that have really made our lives easier, there is something for everyone. Whatever you need to help create your new A/W wardrobe, chances are, there’s an app for that!

Best for bargains

Let’s face it, everyone loves a bargain. Back in the day, we used to trawl through charity shops in the hope that we would come across a vintage treasure or that Topshop dress that you always wished you had picked up in the sale 10 years ago. Whilst searching through charity shops will always be a fun activity, there are other ways to find bargains without even leaving your home. We have picked out the 3 best apps for tracking down vintage clothing, buying from other fashionistas or hearing about the latest price drops.


Depop is described as a shop in your pocket. Users can open their own Depop shop and sell items simply by uploading a picture, it is the ultimate display of social shopping that over 2 million people have downloaded. Depop is the ideal place to find something a little different, with many emerging creatives using the app to showcase their products. We love it!


Good old eBay, where would we be without it? The online auction site transformed the internet when people starting bidding for goods, nowadays eBay includes official outlet shops for some of our favourite stores, making it easy to grab a bargain. If you are looking for vintage treasures or retro clothing, this is the first place to look.


Malzee has been described as ‘Tinder for Fashion’ and has seen staggering growth over the last year. Users can swipe through more than a million products on the app, from over 150 retailers, giving them the thumbs up or thumbs down. It also alerts you when an item that you liked has had a price drop, making it perfect for bargain hunters!

Best high street apps

The good old high street, it’s the place where most of us spend our time checking out the new collections, however, if you want to shop from the comfort of your own home, which stores offer the best app for that? It seems that every store has an online presence at the moment, which is perfect for those of us that like to window shop on our lunch break. An app takes it one step further, it allows you to shop via your smartphone, all within the safe confines of the application. Although this has proved dangerous to those of us that find it tempting to press purchase, it has transformed how we shop. Here are our top 3 high street fashion apps.


Ah ASOS, the online giant has dominated the fashion application world for a long time and shows no signs of slowing down. With access to their full product range at your fingertips, exclusive discounts for app users and alerts when they are about to go on the sale, everyone should have this app on their phone.


Another high street favourite that launched their own app. Topshop to Go is like carrying your local store around in your pocket. You can save, share and shop for your favourite pieces and also scan barcodes in the store to check stock levels and track down your favourite products. There’s plenty of behind the scenes content available to keep you occupied on your morning commute, perfect for fashion lovers!

Debenhams Beauty Club

There are plenty of stores offering loyalty schemes and it was hard to narrow our search down to just one, however, when it comes to beauty, Debenhams has it covered. Users must have a Debenhams loyalty card to use this feature, but once you have registered, you have access to a treasure trove of beauty products from the biggest brands. The biggest plus of using this is that you get a whopping 5 points for every pound you spend via the app, if you’ve been waiting for the best time to use that Debenhams discount voucher code, we think it’s now!

Best for Inspiration

Inspiration is all around us, whether we are reading a fashion blogger’s latest post or you simply walk past a girl with awesome style on the high street, the internet has ensured that we can track down whole new outfits in seconds. There are plenty of sites that have been created simply to allow others to showcase their style, from image sharing sites to the ones that put the latest designer collections right in front of your eyes. With these apps, we’re all on the front row.


With millions of users, Instagram is the ideal place to share your images and keep track of what your favourite fashion icons are wearing. Plus, there’s also lots of pictures of cute animals, in case you needed a distraction from shopping!


This app gives you unlimited access to the world’s fashion and runway coverage, offering you a seat on the front row without you having to leave your house. If you’re into your designer brands, this is the one for you!


Ever watched Cluelessly and wished you had Cher’s magical wardrobe assistant? With Stylebook you can upload pictures of your wardrobe to the app and combine them to create new looks, it’s perfect for those that don’t have time to worry about their outfits each day!

Chic feed

If you don’t enjoy trawling through all of the fashion inspiration sites out there, one app has created a way to combine all of your favourite style blogs and put them in one place. Tailor your feed to match your personal style choice and get browsing!

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