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How To Prepare For Video Interviews?

video interviews

During the current pandemic situation is hard to imagine employers doing face to face interviews anymore. With summer officially over and hiring managers back from their annual leave, new job opportunities are starting to appear. Keep reading our post to find out our top suggestions how to prepare for smooth video interviews.

Government guidelines about social distancing at workplaces will most likely stay for some time. As you might already know, the most popular way to conduct interviews is via video calls through various tools such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime and others. Here’re our top tips for a smooth and effective video interview:

1.    Get to know your video platform beforehand

It’s very likely that you will have to set up an account, download the app on your desktop or allow some permissions on your device. That’s why, it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with the video platform you’re going to use before the actual interview. Don’t forget to check the experts’ tips on privacy setting for Zoom meetings.

2.    Pick a good quality device and test beforehand

One of the most important things you need for a smooth video interview is a high-quality laptop or tablet device. Make sure your camera is working and is HD as nothing ruins first impression more than a pixelate image. A good idea is to do a mock-up call with a friend or a relative to make sure the microphone is working as well.

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3.    Check your internet speed

It might be work checking the speed of your internet and if needed to buy a WiFi booster. The device also reduces signal interference to ensure reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home or office.

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4.    Avoid distractions

Set your computer to “Do Not Disturb” (Mac) or “Focus Assist” (Windows). Close all tabs on your browser and don’t forget to turn off your phone. It’s also best to do a video interview with no family members or pets around. Close the windows if you live near main roads/airport or you have noisy neighbours.

5.    Dress professionally

Don’t think that just because your interview is not face-to-face you should dress anything less than professional! The best way to guarantee your confidence is to dress entirely and not only the part which will be visible during the call. Make sure you’re wearing smart clothes and the colour doesn’t blend with your background. Girls, no need for too much make up – the most important thing is to feel comfortable!

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6.    Don’t stare at yourself.

We all do it when on a video call, however it’s very noticeable on the other end! Instead of constantly checking on how you look, make sure you’re looking directly at the camera to maintain direct eye contact.

7.    Research the company’s online presence

Research thoroughly the company you’re applying to – check their website, the brand mission and values, news and all relevant social accounts – Linkedin, Facebook, Twietter, etc. It’s a good idea to find something specific that will make you stand out among other candidates – new partnerships, press releases, announcements.

8.    Use notes

The best thing about the video interviews is that the interviewer can see only what’s directly in front of the camera. It might be useful to write down a few talking points or essential company information and stick them somewhere on the level of you sight (could be around the screen or somewhere behind it).

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9.    Prepare company-specific questions ahead of time

There’s nothing better for hiring managers than curious and interested candidates who have prepared various role- and company-specific questions. It shows initiative!

10.  Choose wisely your interview space

Choose quiet and well-lit space with preferably a white or neutral background. Make sure your space is clean and well-organised and like mentioned earlier in the article – avoid all distractions.

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