How To Last Until Your Next Student Loan Payment

student loan payment

Student loan payments can be the thing you are waiting for. After a busy Christmas, making sure you have enough money to eat, get to uni and pay the bills. It can be a bit tight but there are a few tips of how to last until your next student loan payment.



I am not suggesting putting together a step by step plan for your budget but there are definite adjustments you can do until your student loan payment comes through. Wait until you have more money coming in to buy yourself any treats. Clothes, make up, games etc can all be left until your loan comes in! Try and focus on paying for things that are NEEDED; bills, travel money for the bus or train as well as food shopping. It might also mean less takeaways as they can add up unless you have a voucher code to put the cost down.



Cooking big batches of things usually mean you can have a couple of meals out of it and even freeze them for a rainy day. Soups, sauces and stews work really well for this. Supermarkets usually have deals on meat, getting 3 for £10 (check Asda, Tesco and M&S) so making a big batch of chilli can last for days! Chopped tomatoes, beans and other tinned vegetables usually have offers which can fill out a sauce or stew.

student loan payment

Avoid Brands

If you need to buy something (I am mainly thinking about food here) before your student loan payment comes in, avoiding brands can save money. Look out for cheaper alternatives as it could make your bill much lower. The best way to do this is compare the prices of stuff. If you go to buy margarine, there might be an offer on Lurpack that makes it cheaper than a supermarket brand.


Sell Stuff

Did you get given anything for Christmas you know is just going to be thrown in to the back of your wardrobe and forgotten about? See if it is valuable enough to sell it. Great places to do this is Ebay, Gumtree and Facebook selling pages.


Nights In

Take advantage of the cold weather and treat yourself to a good night in. Get some cheap but tasty food, turn your Netflix on and cosy up on the sofa with aaaaaallll of the blankets. It won’t break the bank and you can do it on your own, with your housemates or with a few friends!

student loan payment


This is a student staple hack but it is even more important when you are waiting for your student loan payment. If you live in a student town then there is always a cheap night out to go and enjoy, even when you are incredibly skint. Get yourself drinks a lot cheaper and it will save you from spending too much when you actually get out.


Eating Out

If you do want to treat yourself to a dinner out, be money savvy. Have a look online for offers and discounts that will make life a little easier when you are waiting for your student loan payment. Check out the restaurant page on MyVoucherCodes to see offers for TGI Friday’s, Zizzi, Prezzo, Harvester and many more!


In need of some more money saving tips and hacks? Student Bunker has loads of helpful hacks to help you cope until your next student loan payment.

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